Artist Statement
Frequently project driven, my art transforms to embrace the thematic issues being explored. Images are mined from my life and creative experiences. Visual elements are also extracted from the wealth of popular culture, the media, literature, opera, mythology, history and art of the past. The images may be manipulated, (re) contextualized, and/or (de) constructed for the integrity of the piece. Informed by a narrative that references ideas of repression, loss, death, conflict, individuality, and relationships, my work explores the incredible spectrum of the human condition.

Always intrigued by the enigma of the human condition, I am seduced into exploring the myriad of possibilities inherent in the two words. Unpredictable and ever changing, humanity provides a thematic thread that connects all of my bodies of work. The sometimes seemingly disconnected elements of my work do not reveal a complete disregard of formalism. Instead they are an expression of facets of the self and the complexity of life and the surrounding world. Sometimes iconic, others ironic, the juxtaposition of disparate images creates a dialogue between the images and the viewer.

I am consumed by the process of painting. Pushing materials around the canvas, building layers and creating complex images fascinate me. Unexpected combinations of forms and images, and possible and impossible meanings keep me engaged in the unpredictable, exciting, and infinitely creative process, where anything could happen.
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