Statement - Soul of the City

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Ordinary objects, unusual materials and unexpected presentations collide in “The Soul Of The City”. Consisting of many disparate elements, the installation’s suspended light filled forms simultaneously evoke ethereal Chinese lantern, and buildings glowing at night. Like a metaphor for the complex dynamics of the city, each piece signifies aspects of city life.  Sustainability is referenced by the use of old recycled maps, schematics of urban growth and x-rays. Each speaks of transition, growth, a connection with the land and evolving permanence. X-rays of a random cross-section of multicultural Canadian Citizens indirectly indicate heritage, cultural diversity and inclusiveness. Hand drawn old maps and schematics with linear qualities and geometric forms are a mnemonic connecting past and present urban details and concepts. With skin like color, topographical maps elucidate concepts of humanity and urban and environmental sustainability.   Echoing the form of city structures, deconstructed giclee prints reference cross-cultural stories of archetypal love including China's beloved The Butterfly Lovers. Partially hidden by layers and plastic wrap, they imply that culture is crucial to a living city.  Without humanity a city would cease to be. The vital role played by society and individuals is signified by every element from hand-drawn maps to x-rays.  Each piece evokes a multitude of experiences and meanings. Decoding invites more than a quick glance.
Soul of the City