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Whispers and Shouts is a personal exploration of my art. It is an attempt to come to terms with myself, others and my world. Although some pieces vary in form and content, all are expressions of my love and deep concerns for the earth and its inhabitants; plant, animal or human.

This show is about relationships, not just my own but those of others. It deals with the interaction of humankind with themselves, others and their environment or world. Through my art I celebrate the unsung hero, rejoice in the beauty of life. I mourn those that suffer and struggle to survive. My art comments on a society that allows the pain to continue. Whispers and Shouts is an exploration into subjects personally important to me as well as a look at the human condition.

Much of the work can be appreciated from afar. The surfaces are covered with layers of color, paint and detail. With this richness I attempt to entice the viewer to step closer. Then the forms become clearer. The patterns behind a woman tenderly holding her baby evolve into scenes of violence and apathy. The shapes in the borders become images which may add ambiguity, irony or further impact to the piece.
Soul of the City